Wednesday, August 21, 2013

diversity- creating global citizens

My initial response in reading this assignment was to be extremely encouraged that we are taking the time and energy to seriously consider the perspectives of the greater community.  Yes, diversity is a part of our mission statement, but there is so much more that we can do to truly create a diverse population across our campuses.  We need to continue to foster our language development, especially in the lower ages, work to make the arts not a secondary part of the curriculum, and continue to work on creating a school wide population that is more representative of the world at large.  This is critical to our functioning and growth as a school if we are to produce young men and women who will be able to be a part of the global community in all of its aspects.  

My second thought is that as a school we are already working towards these ends, but our colleagues in public education are often not given the freedom and the resources to do so.  How can we share our wealth and the realizations that we are coming to, so that more children will be able to take their place as global citizens?


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