Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I'm always excited when I see my students curiously flipping through the pages of a world atlas.  They have a natural curiosity about places near and far around them.  I remember my own wonderment with maps when I was younger, and today too.  It becomes even more exciting once you can visit places you've poured over on maps.  

After reading about global competence in the summer reading, I'm looking forward to doing more work with the working definition of helping children "understand and act on issues of global significance."  I find the second half of the definition, taking action, intriguing as I find real life experiences to be very valuable and memorable.  The idea of connecting "your classroom and curriculum to cultural and educational institutions" is an area I'm hoping to explore more.  I remember one year I had my students write letters to other students who were living on a Native American reservation.  It was a great way to try to come closer to another culture. I'm also interested in the idea presented of linking to schools in another country.  With Skype and the numerous technologies we have available to us today it would be yet another area to explore.  With so many possibilities around this work of global competence, I also look forward to collaborating with one another and continuing this dialogue around building global competence.


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