Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exemplar curricula & future discussion points for the US math dept

I read the material and agree that the way we teach has to constantly adapt to our quickly changing world. 

I am left wondering about specific things that each of us could be doing, especially in a math classroom. Specifically, I would love to which which schools (or specific teachers) have exemplar programs. Are their curricula shared publicly? If so, how can I find them? What questions are they asking their students on a regular basis? While I appreciated seeing some of the examples given in the pdf, being able to see even more real examples would really help me to create more "21st century" learning opportunities in my high school math classroom. 

Looking through the "Global Competence Matrix For Mathematics" (p. 105 Asia Society), it's clear that the authors feel very strongly about the need for a lot of statistics in our curricula. While we have added a lot a bit of statistics in our algebra 2 and geometry courses, their recommendation would be for us to do a lot more. As a department, we should continue to explore more ways of integrating statistics into our algebra>geometry>precalc>calc curricula. 

I found the Common Core State Standards that were referred to in the reading and read through the standards for mathematics. The following link lists the standards for mathematics and for English Language Arts:

In the Upper School math department, I know that we already teach the majority of these standards, but I am left wondering how we could be teaching them differently. 

Additionally, there are a few standards that are not currently emphasized in our curricula. As a department we should ask ourselves why and weigh their importance as we decide where we might add them. 

We should also look at the material that we teach that is not among the standards and ask ourselves about the importance of that material in the world that our students will find themselves in. 

Chip Rollinson (US Math)

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