Sunday, August 18, 2013

summer reading

Like others have said before, I found parts of this article on "Global Competency" inspiring and other parts over-whelming. Sometimes I wonder if people like Reimers, and other educational researchers and big-thinkers, have ever actually been in a classroom. Would spending a day facing Middle School students change their views? Probably not, but it is funny to think about. I just think about how much curriculum we have to get through in the year, and then, oh yeah, don't forget, more than anything you need to teach your classes about "Global Competency"...right after you spend 20 minutes reviewing how to correct a comma splice.

With that being said, as I begin another school year, and do try to think about goals I set for myself, many of his points in the article are important reminders. These core values he speaks of like "compassion and caring, concern for others, respect and reciprocity" are more than anything the most valuable lessons we teach our students. I think about this as a teacher and as a parent. While much of this is learned at home, I do think that BB&N makes an honest commitment to teaching these values. I know that through the advisory program at the Middle School these are concepts we are always thinking about.

His most inspiring writing is in the conclusion. I like how he reminds the reader that this "globalization presents a new and very important context for all of us." Really thinking about what this means can be intimidating, but it also reminds me that what we do really matters. 


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