Friday, August 23, 2013

Reading Reactions

As I read through the articles, I could not help thinking that we already do a lot of what was recommended, but that there are definite places where we could expand our efforts.

As a math teacher, I constantly wonder how to be inclusive of all ideas and divisions.  But it's not always possible to relate the quadratic formula to a global educational ideal.  Sometimes, I just need to teach the content.  But!  What I CAN do, is incorporate more interesting problems and ask students to think more critically about how to solve them.  Mixed in with the practice and repetition can also be some very interesting scenarios that ask students to pull many pieces of information together in order to tackle the problem.  In the end, that's a lot of what math is about anyway.  Individual topics and skills are not what students will remember, but the synthesis of the ideas is what will be most important.  I just love how in math everything relates and comes together.  And how there's more than one way to solve the same problem.  Allowing our students to explore those different ways will also help achieve the goals of global education.  Insisting that there is only one right way or one right answer may not help get to the goals we're aiming for.

I appreciate the opportunity to read and reflect on global education.  I have not read through everyone's comments, but have skimmed many.  I look forward to the discussions we will have next week. 


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