Monday, August 26, 2013

summer reading

As I enjoy my stay in Glasgow, Scotland I cannot help but think about the importance of "global education". Each day as we drive around this great city we drive on the "wrong side" of the road, and although it feels different for us visitors it is natural for the Scottish folks. Even simple tasks as walking down a flight of stairs-one must travel on the right side of the stairwell- or you might just get a quick yelp from a kind local. Experiencing other cultures, and learning about limits beyond our own lives is clearly important. It was great for the students to learn and start to understand how this foreign city works, thinks and functions. At times in the U.S.A. we tend to think that our methods are the best, however that is not only ignorant, but also simply not true. Over the last week we have experienced how caring, passionate, outgoing and smart the people of Glasgow are-and forever will be.

Jesse Sarzana
MS Math/Admissions
Boys' varsity soccer

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