Monday, August 26, 2013

Think local, global, and sustainable

Both Louisa and Josh (and others) made points I would like to support:  Boston is becoming extraordinarily diverse.  But our overly extended students have little time to step out of activities that in fact insulate them from the "global village" at our doorstep.  Many of our students come to school, then to sports or music lessons or afternoon activities or leagues, then back home (many of them) to  communities with little diversity.  (Community Service projects have done a great job extending these normal routines for some of our kids.)  When I have asked students to take on a documentary project, exploring the theme "A Different Life", many strain to think of anyone whose life is much different from their own or their family's.  Inspired by these articles, I would like to try again to link my students with agencies or immigrant organizations or cultural centers that might welcome young photographers who would like to both interview and to photograph individuals or families who are new to the USA and living here in Boston.  (Colleagues: please send me ideas for this, if you have any.)  The crunch as always will be time:  how can I get students to meet these folks, with time for respectful interviewing and photographing?  Sending them on their own on weekends is hopeless for most of my students.  So--finding another way during the school week is the dream.

Another thought: I appreciated the links Reimers made between global, ethical, and environmental awareness.  When we discussed the Mission Statement from the committee thinking about sustainability last year at the Upper School, it struck many of us that Sustainability should be fully woven together with our academic mission in a global age. 

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