Sunday, August 25, 2013


I don't think that anyone can disagree with the ideas proposed.  But like Bill said, in a culture which likes to measure and assess learning at every level, it is not a curriculum that is easily measured.  I shudder to think what kinds of measurement tools might be devised to assess the students' progress.  Clearly this is a curriculum which has different implications for different levels.  Good teachers have always tried to maintain a wide perspective in their subject areas.  In our own school, foreign language is taught from Grade one on.  Science teachers can make a point of acknowledging the contributions of every culture.  Teachers of literature can introduce works from other cultures.  And Social Studies can examine issues from multiple perspectives.  This sounds to me like a curriculum that runs through everything we do as teachers.  It is as much a state of mind as a curriculum.  We have a great deal to accomplish as teachers.  I worry that, at least on the elementary level,  if we try to take on too much we could miss some of the fundamentals. 


Jack DB

Jack Denny-Brown
Grade 5 Homeroom
BB&N Lower School

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