Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The world today, technology, and the future

In reading, "Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World,"  I was first drwn to reflecting on my own education and how it differs from how I teach today.  Simply put, teachers needs to be constantly changing their lessons and curriculum to meet the needs of the students, whether it's everyday, month, or year.  However, it's not easy to think about the ever changing world we live in and apply this world and the changes into your teaching.  I find myself with a renewed attitude towards changing my craft and curriculum to better fit the needs of my students not only now but in the future.

As a person, I work on developing my own understanding of the world today and try to make sense of all that is happening in the global community.  For me the challenge is taking this ever changing world and educating my students about how to live, work, and play in a place that is constantly changing.  Not only addressing the world as it is today but also thinking about how it will change and preparing them to be the future educators, inventors, and leaders of the future.

The piece I take away for my classroom right now is to create an environment where students are curious about the world around them, they are active in their learning, and invested in the daily work we study.  Also, for me, taking a step back and thinking about the big picture rather than each individual lesson or day. Another essential piece is technology and becoming more educated about the technology used today.  Thinking too, about the students we teach and the exposure they have to technology and how that changes how they think about the world.  

So after all of my random thoughts, I am left with the question of how do I do this.  How do I take what I am curious about and weave that into my teaching?  How can I present information about the world, it's people, and the ever changing environment to the  six and seven year olds I teach and how do I do it in a meaningful way?  

I am excited to see where this work and this year takes me and my students.

Rachel Stevens
First Grade Teacher
Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

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