Monday, August 26, 2013

Thoughts on summer reading

As I absorbed our various summer readings, I was continually "interrupted" by my musings about how global competency might look in our Lower School classrooms.  I feel that we have been working hard in this direction already, but am looking forward to discussions about how to further this pursuit.

Like Maria, I have just returned (today) from time in Maine.  I, too, had no internet, cell service, TV, or even radio.  Where on earth was she, you might ask?!  Unlike Maria, I was totally content to be unconnected, but I am not feeling very "Globally Competent" at the moment! That status will change quickly.  I have loved reading the posted blogs today and am truly excited for the discussions that are to follow.  As many others commented, I am perplexed by the tension between the acquisition of skills and the time consuming task of helping to develop children with a robust sense of community, respect, and deep caring for difference in all its forms.

See everyone tomorrow, Carter

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