Friday, August 23, 2013

What does Global Competency mean?

Hongchen Wang (US Chinese)

In June I went back to China and for the first time I visited Xi-An, the ancient city.  It was the capital for thirteen dynasties in the 3,000 years history of China.  My hotel is located in the city center – by the Bell Tower, which is the center of the city, surrounded by a big square. When I checked in at front desk, a Chinese young man served me and he looked at my American passport, glanced at my round-flat face, said to me with envy, "You are an American"?! I corrected him, "I am a Chinese, but have American citizenship."  He grinned and did not say anything more. When I entered my room on the seventh floor, I looked out of the window. The Bell Tower was just in front of my eyes. Along the street surrounding the square, western styled shopping malls stand proudly with splendid advertisements showing many imported famous brand products on the windows and walls.  Among them, MacDonald's large yellow M shone under the hot summer sun. Opposite of my hotel, I found a Starbucks, crowded with Chinese and Foreigners in and out. At that moment, the scene confused me. I felt I was lost. Is here my motherland? What was my identity? Where is my culture, my history?  Such feeling might just expose what is my Global Competency.  Although I have been in the US for many years, I have not fully embraced the idea of being a "global citizen".  So I have to continue to educate myself while teaching my students Chinese – to prepare them as a "global citizen".   

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