Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Global Summer Reading

I am really struck by the idea of predicting what a student needs to
know to be successful in tomorrows world. It seems like such a hard
question to answer. It seems impossible for anyone to really put a
finger on what the specific set of skills a person will need to
overcome the challenges of tomorrow because we don't really know what
those challenges will be. This is not to suggest that we should not
attempt to predict the challenges such as climate change, flattening
of the global economy, and unprecedented migration but I think the way
to approach this issue is to instill great strategies of solving
problems in our students. Try to give the students tools that they can
use to approach many different problems and better yet try to allow
the student to learn how to build their own tools in the future. I
think instilling basics in many different subjects is vitally
important but what is even more important is pushing our students to
be creative problem solvers that will be able to attack the issues of
tomorrow that we will never foresee. We need to continue to make sure
our students look at the world through the global lens and try our
hardest to instill a high moral code(another very tough thing to
accomplish) so they will be ready to take on the problems in their

Mike Willey

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