Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Reading Thoughts

It was interesting to read these articles since Youssef and I have been collaborating for the past three years participating in a program similar to what both articles suggest that educators could do to have students begin to think in more global terms.  We are using theatre as a means to connect our MS students with students in Morocco.  We are part of a program called The Global Voices Initiative. (

Youssef's students write a play in French and the students in Morocco write a play in English.  It is truly amazing how proficient the students from Morocco are in English after only two years.   We then exchange the plays and perform a reading via Skype.  Before the reading of the play, we try to Skype several times for the students to meet one another.  Both groups love asking questions about their daily lives and school. Our students learn so much about their world through the subject matter of the plays and the chatting with the students.  It is a highlight of my year!

I have always believed that art is a universal language and can connect people from all different walks of life.  I'd love to chat with people that might be interested in working with GVI in their classrooms.  It is a wonderful program and doesn't have to be centered on just the arts.



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