Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Reading Thoughts

In his conclusion, Reimers makes the point that communities and schools must make time to discuss and determine the purpose of education -- before success in developing globally competent students will become a reality. He states that because we don't think sufficiently about the purpose of education, "schools, teachers, and students spend great effort in ways that are dissociated from the purposes they value." I hope that at the very least, we will spend time (beyond the opening faculty meeting) discussing what we believe the purpose of education to be, and that we share that belief with our families and students.

I look forward to finding meaningful ways for my kindergarten students to begin the path towards global competency. The summer reading has given me several ideas of projects and activities we might explore. I'm also interested in exploring existing resources developed by Oxfam, UNESCO, Bridges to Understanding, World Savvy, etc.  

~ Deanne  

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