Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Reading: Developing Global Competency

As an Academic Technology Specialist at the lower school I am constantly looking for ways to integrate technology in all facets of education,for both students and teachers.

Throughout the reading I found myself making a list of technology tools we can integrate into our classrooms. In the reading, Reimers discusses the importance of developing many engaging "authentic experiences" and how these many experiences help students learn about the world around them. One of these tools is video chatting. What better way to give an authentic global experience than having one on one conversations with students from other states or countries?
There are many different resources that can connect you with other classrooms around the world. Teachers have been blogging about their experiences and how they have integrated video chatting into all subjects. The links below are only a few links I have found, and I hope to collect a few more. Please feel free to add to my list if you have already started using video chatting in your classroom.

Global Classrooms Model UN (middle and upper school)
Third Grade Classroom Blog: Video Chatting with Belize

By: Jen Lavenberg

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