Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thoughts in no particular order

Reading these articles in England, while I am caring for my parents and house sitting for my sister, I am struck by my unconscious but permanent immersion in the global community. A legal alien in the US with my green card and currently living in my sister's house with her spanish and french lodgers I am as usual surrounded by cultures not my own. I have been so long in the US now that England feels like a well visited foreign country. I only know that empathy and curiosity have sustained me in my travels and for me they seem to be the two key forces driving both articles and therefore are our keys to achieving their goals. I kept thinking too about the 'Half the Sky Movement' the statistics quoted there are shocking in the extreme and the solving of this problem would go a long way to balancing our global community.


P.S. Must continue to nag my stepsons to get a passport and travel outside the USA!!

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