Tuesday, August 20, 2013

summer reading

I read the material in June, jotted down some thoughts and am just getting to the blog...

Riemers wrote about development of character, affect and values.  I worry that by the time they get to us in the Upper School that we're past the development stage (unless there's a huge learning experience).  He also wrote about developing the motivation to act.  That is where I'd like to devote more of our time.  We cannot be the thought police, but we can certainly make it uncomfortable for the kids (and us) to simply stand by when action is called for.  That falls on the adults in our school to lead by example. 

I saw a truck on the road a few weeks ago with this message on its side:  "The search for excellence stops here."  I've thought of that often since then.  I want BB&N to be the place where people feel that they've found excellence...on so many levels.  So many caring and talented people here, but we are not excellent (yet!) as a unit. 


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