Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Cutting Edge

As educators it is our job to foster the creativity, tolerance, and open mindedness of our students.  They are growing up in a world that is changing rapidly and asking them to adapt to that change just as rapidly.  "Response to change depends on how they are prepared to understand cultural differences and to think about globalization." (Reimers)    Reading the assignments really allowed me to think about how I, as an educator, deal with change and how I adapt accordingly when presented with a challenge.  I found that the willingness to change and adapt quickly fizzles when trapped within a public school system like NYC.  I was part of the minority for suggesting change and being willing to try new things. It is refreshing to read all of your posts and see a staff who want to be on the cutting edge rather than the cutting room floor. 

It is also our job to teach students that differences between one another are not a threat, but rather an opportunity to learn and grow.  Differences are a gift that will allow students to foster their cultural sensitivity and to bridge the gap between old and new values. 

All of this sounds very peachy!  How to we achieve all of it though?!?

I think first we have to change the way we think about educating our students…looking at curriculum as something that is flexible and not forced out of a cookie cutter.  Using our passion for teaching to inspire students to take control of their learning and begin to think critically about what they want from this life/world.  We need to accept responsibility to try to foster change and in turn our students will accept responsibility to create the world they live in. 

From reading all of your posts I must say that I am thrilled to be joining the BB&N community.  Two of the posts that resonated deeply with me stated "The attitudes that children develop in their earliest years will stay with them through their lives.  Their abilities to question, puzzle, create, & negotiate will be what they reach back to rely on."  and "Try to give the students tools that they can use to approach many different problems and better yet try to allow the student to learn how to build their own tools in the future. I think instilling basics in many different subjects is vitally important but what is even more important is pushing our students to be creative problem solvers that will be able to attack the issues of tomorrow that we will never foresee."

It is my goal to inspire my students to want to engage in the world.  It is so easy for them to disengage with technology and but it is also just as easy to actively engage with that same technology.  

All the best!


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