Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thoughts on Reimer's Chapter

I found the chapter from Reimer's book, Educating for Global Competency, particularly interesting. My thoughts about global competency before the reading were mostly geared toward global competition, especially in math and science. But Reimer's definition of global competency makes a lot of sense: (a) a positive disposition toward cultural differences, (b) an ability to speak, understand and think in other languages, and (c) deep knowledge of and understanding of world history, geography and global dimensions of health, climate and economics. Beyond competing with the rest of the world, developing an understanding and appreciation of each other is critical to the success of all world citizens. 

I also agree that global competency, as defined by Reimer, takes a back seat to other school priorities because there is no immediate crisis that it would help alleviate. The more pressing issue of U.S. students falling behind other world students in core competencies seems of more immediate concern. 

A really interesting observation he makes is about the move towards decentralization of educational governance to promote efficiency and local relevance of what's taught. However this leads local municipalities to preserve local values, which only fosters suspicion of others in the world community. 

Very interesting readiing!

Mike B

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