Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Readings

I thought Reimers beautifully articulated the difference between teaching students discrete subjects (such as geography, foreign language, and history) versus also focusing on developing the intangible qualities included under "affect" and "action". 

While the academic portion of Reimers' three A's is frequently measured by assessments in the classroom, what the article left me wondering is how can a school measure its success in promoting global education and the development of the intangible qualities Reimers mentions?  He discusses how media can be effective or how study abroad and exchange programs can have positive impacts, but is looking at the programs in place, curriculum, interactions students have with other cultures, etc., the only way to assess how well a school is preparing its students to engage in the world?  Are there observable or measurable outputs that can help a school assess its strengths and weaknesses?
On another note, I thought his mention on pg. 198 of tapping into community resources as a way to help students become aware of the global scale of their local surroundings was particularly relevant to BB&N and Boston. 

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