Thursday, August 22, 2013

Global Summer Reading

"I define global competency as the knowledge and skills to help people understand the flat world in which they live, integrate across disciplinary domains to comprehend global affairs and events, and create possibilities to address them. Global competencies are also the attitudinal and ethical dispositions that make it possible to interact peacefully, respectfully and productively with fellow human beings from diverse geographies." -Fernando Reimers-

             Being part of three distinct cultures and having family members in every continent except Antarctica working in professions ranging from school teachers, doctors, businessmen, diplomats to United Nations employees, I have been surrounded by different languages, deep cultural, economic and political discourse. Thanks to the internet, I have been able to stay in touch with everyone via Facebook, Skype, face time, Gmail and Whatsup. Having lived and worked both nationally and internationally in schools, and multinational organizations I have experienced the need and importance for global competency first hand. As a mother of two children immersed in the "craziness" of keeping track of who's who in the family, where each family member is currently living or visiting from, and hearing culturally specific stories, I only hope that in their schooling they can find additional global understanding to help make sense of their world and the world at large.

             Thinking back specifically to my schooling and reflecting on BB&N today, I am amazed at how much teaching for global understanding has evolved. Although the concept is not new, I am excited to see that BB&N is focusing its attention to improving the teaching of global education.  I can think of many ways in which BB&N is a player in this arena: B-12 foreign language program, high school dual language option, 6th grade sponsoring students from Africa/Skype, LS Skype with a school in Guatemala and Mexico, 6th grade debates, Upper school international exchange programs, and hosting international exchange students.

            Time and schedules have been an obstacle for authentic and meaningful collaboration among disciplines and grades throughout my time here at BB&N. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds at BB&N in hopes that we can work together to create meaningful and powerful global experiences for our students.

            I am excited to see what the future holds at BB&N and looking forward to the August 27th speakers and discourse.


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