Monday, August 19, 2013


What I especially enjoyed about Reimers' piece was reading about the variety of ways that "values and attitudes can be developed" when educating for global competency.  Working at a B-12 school, there are often times that our needs, initiatives, and goals as a faculty can vary depending on our campus or grade level.  It can be quite challenging to find an idea/approach that can be integrated in every classroom at BB&N, and that is why I find the idea of global competency so appealing.  As Reimers writes, "cultural awareness can be developed at all levels of the educational ladder and should probably be developed starting at the early ages."  As others have mentioned in their posts, I think there are already many examples which show that we are off to a good start in our effort to teach global competency at BB&N.  It is something that my co-teacher and I have tried to establish and continually improve upon in our classroom.  Where I think we could definitely step up is in the way that we share as a faculty how we are teaching global competency in our specific classrooms.  It's my understanding that the Lower School teachers are going to try to find more time to share/discuss these approaches during our faculty meetings this year.  I am also looking forward to participating in an all-school faculty discussion when we return next week that is truly about an "all-school" topic.  I am hopeful that sharing our approaches (old and new) for teaching global competency will help to spark even more effective ideas.

- Ben

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